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The manuscript copy (MS) is useful for experienced scholars. The transcription (TR ) provides background information and is more useful in the classroom. Not sure how to begin? See Reading Primary Documents.
  • "What Does Labor Want?" Speech, 1893
  • From W. A. Platt, 1902 (Cigarmakers) (MS) (TR)
  • To Lew Morton, 1906 (IWW) (MS) (TR)
  • To Ida Tarbel, 1910 (Women) (MS) (TR)
  • To John Moffitt, 1910 (Hatters Case) (MS) (TR)
  • Newspaper Article, 1910 (McNamara Case) (MS) (TR)
  • To R. Flores Magon, 1911 (Mexican Rev.) (MS) (TR)
  • To J.C. Skemp, 1911 (Black Workers) (MS) (TR)
  • From Clarence Darrow, 1911 (McNamara) (MS) (TR)
  • To Bruce Barton, 1913 (Religion) (MS) (TR)
  • To Frank Morrison, 1913 (W. Coast; Anti-trust) (MS) (TR)
  • From Josephine Casey, 1914 (Women Organizers) (MS) (TR)
  • From Eugene Jones,1914 (Black Workers) (MS) (TR)
  • To Charles Lewis, 1917 (WWI, Women) (MS) (TR)
  • From John White, 1917 (Anti-war) (MS) (TR)
  • To Frank Sudduth, 1917 (Black Workers) (MS) (TR)
  • IWW Memo 1917 (WWI Sedition Case) (MS) (TR)
  • To John O'Connell,1917 (Mooney Case) (MS) (TR)
  • To Daniel Willard,1917 (Steel workers, WWI) (MS) (TR)
  • To William Hutcheson, 1917 (WW I) (MS) (TR)
  • To Woodrow Wilson, 1920 (Debs)(MS) (TR)
  • To Ralph Slaughter, 1921 (KKK) (TR)
  • To Lena Toliver, 1921 (Black Workers) (MS) (TR)
  • From William Z. Foster (TUEL) (MS) (TR)
  • Fannia Cohn to Florence Thorne, 1924 (Women) (MS) (TR)
  • To Norman Thomas, 1924 (Socialists) (MS) (TR)
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