The Working Men's Declaration of Independence, 1829

Bootmakers' Conspiracy Trial, 1840

Labor Reformers Convention report, 1871

Samuel Gompers' description of conditions in the cigar-making trade, 1875

Testimony, Senate Hearings on Relations Between Labor and Capital, 1883

Trade Union "Parasites," 1883 (Editorial)

"The Labor Question," Century Illustrated Monthly, 1886

Preamble to the Knights of Labor Constitution, 1886

Knights of Labor Secret Ritual, 1886

Preamble to the American Federation of Labor Constitution, 1886

Homestead Strike, 1892

Samuel Gompers, "What Does Labor Want?" 1893 (Speech delivered Aug. 28, 1893)

AFL, Why Central Labor Unions Should Join the American Federation of Labor [nd]

Samuel Gompers, circular, Oct. 31, 1903, anti-labor legislation in Alabama

Newspaper report on the anti-labor Citizen's Industrial Alliance, Oct. 31, 1903

Daniel DeLeon's speech on Trade Unionism, 1904

Labor's Bill of Grievances, March 21, 1906

ILGWU Uprising of the 20,000 Strike, 1909

Eugene Debs's Anti-war speech, 1918

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