Tarbell Transcript

To Ida Tarbell,

                                                                                                                          February 3, 1910

Miss Ida M. Tarbell
19 West 9th St.,
New York, N.Y.

My dear Miss Tarbell:

        I beg to assure you that I was much interested in the conference held last Saturday, in which I was privileged to participate and trust that good results may come therefrom.

        You made me glad when you so promptly and cordially assented to my request to write an article for the American Federationist on some phase of the meaning of the new uprising of women workers and the splendid assistance given in that effort by women of wealth, education and high standing. In addition to my asking you to write an article for the American Federationist, I also asked Miss Morgan, Miss Marbury, Mrs. Valesh and Mrs. Mulliner to write articles. Miss Marbury and Mrs. Valesh have already consented. I have only written Mrs. Mulliner yesterday, hence cannot expect an answer.

        I do not recall that I asked you to let me have the article by any special time, and what I would now like to request is that you may let me have it by the tenth instant. Of course I shall send you proof for revision.

        In my letter to Miss Morgan I took occasion to say, and I desire to repeat here that it is my opinion that a symposium of articles published in the American Federationist would be helpful to the working women and girls of the country; that it would help to enlist the sympathy and cooperation of other women in different parts of the country situated similarly as you and the other ladies whom I have named.

        With kind regards and best wishes, I am,

                                              Very truly yours, Saml Gompers

                                              President American Federation of Labor.

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