To Norman Thomas1

May 27, 1924.

Mr. Norman Thomas,
Director, The League for Industrial Democracy,
70 Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Dear Sir:--

          The American Federation of Labor was represented in the All-American Conference held in Washington May 16th and 17th.2 So far as I am informed the representatives of the American Federation of Labor supported every action taken, and as members of the committees, participated in the drafting of some of the reports and resolutions which were adopted.

          The purpose of your inquiry is manifestly hostile but that is of no concern to me. To prate of industrial democracy and balk at its progress is a pink pastime. I may add that I am happy to know that so many organizations found it possible to agree upon measures and methods for the more complete unification of our citizenship in support of democratic American ideals and institutions.

Very truly yours, (Signed) Samuel Gompers.
President, American Federation of Labor.

TLtcSr, Files of the Office of the President, General Correspondence, reel 107, frame 855, AFL Records. Typed notation: "Copy."

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