Samuel Gompers Papers

To Frank Morrison

                                                                                                                                                        Dec. 7. 1913.

To Mr Frank Morrison
Sec'y A.F. of L.

Dear Friend Frank:--

          Inasmuch as President White, Sec'y Greene & other officers of the U.M. of A  have been indicted by a federal Grand Jury under the criminal provisions of the Sherman Anti trust law, just as I generally predicted it is necessary that extra efforts be made by the A.F. of L. officers to secure the enactment of laws which shall exclude the voluntary organizations of the wage workers from the provisions of that law, or any other bearing upon the subject matter.

          The Seattle convention directed that this be done and the Bartlett-Bacon Bill  was specifically determined to [be] the measure sought. In conformity with the above I urge that you, with the Legislative Committee and such other official representatives of organized labor being in Washington call upon the Com. of the House of Representatives (judiciary Com. I believe) and respectfully and urgently request that an early day, preferably in December, for the purpose of having representatives of our movement appear before the com., not necessarily for argument but for a presentation of the need that the bill be early reported & enacted.

I suggest this most because I want Prest. White present & I want to invite him to be present. Jan. is his convention  and suppose he will then be unable to come to Washington.

          The agreement to unite the Electrical Workers was the hardest job I ever had in my long experience. But I stuck to it until the end.

          Left S.F. yesterday at 4. P.M. Am now near Ogden. May stop a day or so on the trip. Am awfully fagged out. Will go to New York before coming to the office. There are important matters I must give attention there.

          Hope you found the family well and all things are moving along O. K.

          Friday evening attended meeting of S.F. Labor Council.  Had a "hot time" for them.  I visited them the week before also. Will tell you of these matters when I get back.

          Best wishes to you and office friends.

                                                                                       Sincerely Yours
                                                                                       Saml Gompers.

ALS, Files of the Office of the President, General Correspondence, reel 76, frames 578-83, AFL Records.

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