Samuel Gompers Papers

To Lew Morton

                                                                                                                    May 31, 1906.

Mr. Lew Morton,
Secretary, Actors' National Protective Union of America,
8 Union Square, New York, N.Y.

Dear Sir and Brother:

          As you know the enemies of our international trade unions, the so-called I.W.W. which is another name for the Socialists Labor Party, is doing all it can to get our fellow workmen into trouble wherever it can. The policy they now pursue is to insinuate all sorts of ulterior motives to the officers of  international trade unions, and to have the men make demands which they know in advance will be unsuccessful to alienate the loyalty of these men from their international unions. This has been attempted in Schenectady, but which by timely action of some of our international union officers and this office has been checked.  They are now engaged in such a movement in Youngstown, Ohio, and the Mahoning Valley.

          Some of our International officers appear to be indifferent to the tactics of these enemies of our movement until their own particular organization is affected. The purpose of my writing to you now is to say, that reports are generally received at this office indicating the situation wherever any particular antagonism to the trade unions are manifested, and to the fullest length of our abilities and opportunities we endeavor to protect the rights and interests of the men in the local unions and the international unions, but it is urged that when a letter or telegram is addressed to you from here indicating that it is necessary for a representative of your organization to be sent to any point, that you comply with it at the earliest possible moment. It is intended to be for the protection of the men in your organization at any given point and of the entire country.

          I am confident that the trade union movement is founded upon a basis of philosophy so strong, that it will overcome all of its enemies either individually or combined, but we can not remain indifferent to the assaults that are being made upon our movement, and by timely action we may overcome even any temporary set back at any given point.

          With kind regards and best wishes, and hoping for cooperative action for the advancement and protection of the interests of our fellow workers in the grand movement in which we are enlisted, I am,

                                                                     Fraternally yours,
                                                                        Saml Gompers.

                                                President American Federation of Labor.

TLpS, reel 100, vol. 112, p. 122, SG Letterbooks, DLC.

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