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PART 2:   National and International Union Correspondence

Reel 138

ACTORS-Chorus and Ballet Girls'Union, 1902

American AGENTS'Association, 1895-1900

Insurance AGENTS'Organizations, 1902

AXE and Edge Tool Makers'National Union, 1891

Journeymen BAKERS' and Confectioners' International Union, 1890-1899

Journeymen BARBERS' International Union of America, 1891-1899

Brotherhood of BICYCLE Mechanics, 1896-1901

International Brotherhood of BLACKSMITHS, 1893-1901

BLAST Furnace Workers, 1896

Brotherhood of BOILERMAKERS and Iron Ship Builders, 1896-1901

International Brotherhood of BOOKBINDERS, 1898, 1901

Reel 139

BOOT and Shoe Workers International Union, 1891-1902

United Order of BOXMAKERS' and  Sawyers' Union, 1898-1903

Brotherhood of BRASS Workers, 1892-1896

National Union of the United BREWERY Workmen, 1891-1904

BRICKLAYERS and Masons' International Union, 1890-1900

BRIDGE and Structural Iron Workers Union, 1900

International BROOM Makers'Union, 1896-1900

BUILDING Trades, 1900-1904

Brotherhood of Railway CARMEN of America, 1899

United Brotherhood of CARPENTERS and Joiners, 1891-1902

CARRIAGE and WagonWorkers' Union, 1894,1899-1900

Wood CARVERS'Association, 1898

CIGAR Makers' International Union of America, 1893-1907

Reel 140

National Federation of Post Office CLERKS, 1899-1906, 1911

Brotherhood of Railway CLERKS of America, 1900,1911

Retail CLERKS International Protective Association, 1891-1902

Order of Railway CONDUCTORS, 1897

COOPERS' International Union of North America, 1894-1901

International Brotherhood of ELECTRICAL Workers, 1893-1903

Amalgamated Society of ENGINEERS, 1901

Coal Hoisting ENGINEERS, 1899

Brotherhood of Locomotive ENGINEERS, 1893, 1897

Marine ENGINEERS' Beneficial Association, 1903

Corliss Association of Stationary ENGINEERS, 1894-1895

National and International Union of Steam ENGINEERS of America, 1894-1903

International Photo ENGRAVERS'Union of North America, 1901-1902

Brotherhood of Locomotive FIREMEN, 1893, 1902

Brotherhood of Stationary FIREMEN, 1901

FISHERMEN'S Protective Union, 1894

FLOUR Packers' and Nailers' Benevolent Association, 1903

International FURNITURE Workers Union of America, 1891-1895

FURRIERS Union of the United States and Canada, 1896

International Ladies GARMENT Workers, 1901

United GARMENT Workers of America, 1891-1901

GLASS Bottle Blowers Association of the United States and Canada, 1896-1903

American Flint GLASS Workers' Union, 1892-1902

GRANITE Cutters'National Union, 1891-1901

HAT Makers' National Association, 1893-1903

International HOD Carriers and Building Laborers of America, 1903

HORSE Collar Makers'National Union, 1892

National Union of HOSPITAL Attendants and Nurses, 1903

HOTEL and Restaurant Employees, 1892, 1900-1904

Reel 141

Amalgamated Association of IRON and Steel Workers, 1890-1898

International JEWELRYWorkers Union of America, 1901

International LABORERS Union, 1898-1899,1905

Amalgamated LACE Curtain Operatives, 1894

LASTERS' Protective Union, 1893, 1900

American Federation of LATHERS, 1893, 1899-1900

LAUNDRY Workers' Unions, 1900

United Brotherhood of LEATHER Workers on Horse Goods, 1893-1901

LETTER Carriers'Association, 1900

International LONGSHOREMEN'S Association, 1894-1901

International Association of MACHINISTS, 1893-1901

Amalgamated MEAT Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, 1896-1901

METAL Trades, 1896-1903

Amalgamated Sheet METAL Workers, 1899

United METAL Workers International Union, 1900-1901


United MINE Workers, 1895-1903

Iron MOLDERS' Union of North America, 1892-1901

American Federation of MUSICIANS, 1891-1903

International Brotherhood of OIL and Gas Well Workers, 1901

Brotherhood of PAINTERS and Decorators; National Paperhangers, 1890-1897

Reel 142

Brotherhood of PAINTERS and Decorators; National Paperhangers, 1898-1902

PATTERN Makers'National League of North America, 1890

PAVING Cutters'Union, 1892,1903

PIANO and Organ Workers, 1900-1901

American PILOTS Association, 1906

Operative PLASTERERS 'International Association, 1890-1891, 1900

United Association of Journeymen PLUMBERS, Gas Fitters, etc., 1893, 1898-1902

Metal POLISHERS, Buffers and Platers Union, 1894-1902

Pullman Car PORTERS, 1902

Plate PRINTERS, 1893, 1898-1901

International PRINTING Pressmen's Union, 1897-1901

QUARRYMEN'S National Union, 1892-1898

American RAILWAY Union, 1896

Slate and Tile ROOFERS, 1901

National SEAMEN'S Union, 1885,1890-1903,1910

United SHIRT and Waist Workers, 1900

Brotherhood of Railway SHOP Employees, 1892-1893, 1900, 1902

National SPINNER'S Association, 1901

STEAM and Hot Water Fitters, 1896, 1899

National STOGIE Makers League, 1902

Journeymen STONE Cutters'Association, 1903

Amalgamated Association of STREET and Electric Railway Employes of America, 1892-1896, 1901, 1904

Reel 143

Journeymen TAILORS Union, 1894-1901, 1904

United Brotherhood of TANNERS and Curriers, 1893-1894, 1899

TEACHERS'  Associations, 1903,1910

TEAMSTERS' Unions, 1893,1898-1907

Railroad and Commercial TELEGRAPHERS, 1896,1901

International Union of TEXTILE Workers, 1896-1901

United TEXTILE Workers of America, 1898, 1900, 1905, 1907

National Alliance of THEATRICAL Stage Employees, 1894-1907

Mosaic and Encaustic TILE Layers Union, 1891, 1897-1901

TIN Plate Workers, 1899

TIN, Sheet Iron and Cornice Workers, 1894-1897

TOBACCO Workers' International Union, 1894-1903

Brotherhood of Railway TRACKMEN, 1900

Brotherhood of Railway TRAINMEN, 1892, 1897, 1902-1904

TYPOGRAPHICAL Union, 1891-1899

UPHOLSTERER'S Union, 1891,1900

Hardwood, Furniture and Piano VARNISHERS, 1893

WALLPAPER Printers and Color Mixers, 1901

WATCH Workers, 1898,1900

Federated WIRE Trades, 1897-1898

Amalgamated WOOD Workers, 1896-1903


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