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Document 1: Teamsters' president Daniel Tobin's first impressions of Gompers as a man and a labor leader

Document 2:CMIU president George Perkin's assessment of Gompers [1925]

Document 3: Lucy Robin's efforts to enlist Gompers in the Mooney case (excerpted from Lucy Robins Lang, Tomorrow is Beautiful [New York: The Macmillan Company, 1948])

Document 4: Anarchist Emma Goldman's critical review of Gompers' leadership [1925]

Document 5: Socialist cigar maker J. Mahlon Barne's criticism of Gompers' strategies [1896]

Document 6: Excerpts from Gompers' exchange with socialist Morris Hillquit before the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations [1914]

Document 7: Socialist Victor Berger's critical editorial in the Milwaukee Leader, Aug. 5, 1922


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