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Records from the American Federation of Labor Letterbooks
(also known as the Letterpress Copybooks of Samuel Gompers)

The original copybooks are at the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, but this guide is keyed to the microfilm edition which is available at the LC, and at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill. Page numbers are listed first.

Reel 177

56 SG to Hough, 12-5-13, immigrants who will not conform to American methods.

351 SG to Myers, 12-19-13, Immigration bill, literacy test

363, SG to Morales, 12-19-13,.Mexicans and Americans should be in the same Federal Labor Union, sinces there are not enough of either for two unions.

618 SG to Alliman, 12-29-13, contains text of anti-immigration resolution with reference to literacy tests

Reel 178
695 SG to Johnson, 2-2-14, re:Resolution 126, to prohibit white women and girls from working in Chinese owned establishments

Reel 180

618 SG to Editor, 3-17-15, re: Victor Berger's vote to sustain veto of Immigration bill, and SG's view of literacy test

Reel 181

171 Jose de Diego to SG, 4-8-14, on American citizenship and colonialism;SG to de Diego, 4-15-14, 178

693 SG to Smith, 5-1-14, AFL immigration policies

Reel 183

277 SG to Smith, 6-19-14, re: immigration bill [Smith's response, p. 367]

Reel 184

992 SG to Phillips, 8-5-14, Re: NCF Immigration Program; sounds like it supports industrial unionism

Reel 185

206 SG to Knapp, 8-10-14, immigrant assimilation in schools and dialects;

Reel 187

553 SG to Scharrenburg, 10-28-14, asks him to hold off on Asiatic question during war [elaborates, 10-28-14, p. 565

Reel 188

275 SG to Kirkpatrick, 12-4-14, Literacy test/immigration bill

547 SG to Ellsworth, 12-15-14, on immigration

Reel 189

980 SG to Harris, 1-27-15, immigration bill

119 Morrison to Tobin, 1-29-15, letterwriting/lobbying campaign to pass immigration bill over Wilson's veto [similar letters to many others all signed by Morrison]

Check expose reference 138 SG to Burnett, 1-29-152, immigration bill [this also refers to expose’, apparently published in Newsletter, ca. 1-30; nb, Newsletter article is reproduced on AFL Records, Reel 13, 505]

189 SG to Duncan, 1-30-15, more on immigration bill

194[SG to Burnett, 1-30-15, more on immigration bill

353 SG to Doremus, 2-2-15, immigration bill but repeats much of what is in SG to Burnett, 1-29-15, 138

361 RL Guard to SG, 2-3-15, immigration bill

Reel 190

451 Morrison to SG, 2-4-15, immigration bill lost by 4 votes

Reel 191

847 Massimino Moccio to SG, 3-2-15, Italian-American citizen complains about aliens who won't become citizens and get public work [SG replyr follows]

879 Myers to SG, 2-11-15, on his letter to Burnett and immigration of the unfit. [SG to Myers, p.877, and SG to Wilson, 878, provides some context; also note, reel193, SG to Myers, 5-3-15, 761, thanks Myers for info re: Mexican authorities sending cripples to U.S.]

Reel 193

420 SG to Fowler, 4-20-15, immigration

Reel 195
685 Perry to SG, 5-3-15, Mexican RR laborers (more info, Cortez to Morrison, 3-20-15, p. 691 ids it as Union Hsipano-Americano de America)

Reel 196

127 SG to Hamilton, 7-8-15, Japanese, immigration

Reel 203

685 SG to Quinlavan, 2-21-16, immigration, wages, steel industry

Reel 204

826 SG to Griffith, 3-15-16, article re: immigration

904 SG to Rickert, 3-18-16, Polish workers in Buffalo, IWW (see also, 962; 982)

Reel 209

502 SG to Cortez, 6-19-16, re: Mexicans in Colorado (see also, SG to Hamilton, 6-19-16, 499)

936 SG to Ollie James, 7-7-16, urges passage of immigration bill (sent to others)

Reel 210

587 SG to Hamilton, 7-21-16, Mexican workers in Colorado; also Industrial Commission

Reel 211

193 SG to French, 8-3-16, organizing Mexicans in Arizona

Reel 212

1010 SG to Pettipiece, 9-16-16, organizing Chinese; see also Pettipiece to SG, 9-8-16, 996, organizing Chinese (he sends it to Scharrenberg, 995)

Reel 219

906 SG to Pollak, 3-22-17, immigration

Reel 222

374 Lewis to SG, 5-24-17, relaxation of immigration laws (SG action, 373; Wilson's reply, 681

Reel 223

279 SG to Creel, 6-20-17, publication of news that alien labor is prohibited.(see also, 337)

Reel 224

504 Bryant to SG, 7-19-17, German-Amerericans dismissed from job on the docks

871 SG to Wilson, 8-3-17, protests bringing in illiterate Mexican agricultural workers under guise of labor shortange (notes that Burnett Immigration law passed over veto)

Reel 228

200 SG to Midyette, 11-7-17, explanation of literacy test (debate letter)

Reel 229

GET PAGE SG to Jonath, 12-19-17, re: Austria-Hungary subjects and U.S. policies toward them and Germans

556, Bauer et al to SG, 11-15-17, aliens, members of IAM, arrested and detained for duration of war without a hearing [SG sends it on, 555; more, 753, 754; reel 230, 97]

Reel 230

924 SG to Olander, 1-26-18, misrepresentation of bonafide labor movement by radicals to workmen of non English speaking countries. [reply, 2-9-18, VF]

Reel 231

616 Bernheim to SG, 2-5-18, danger of aliens in NYC [he sends it on, 615; replies, 618]

814 Colvin to SG, 1-25-18, on pro-German aliens [sent to W.B. Wilson, 813]

Reel 234

960 SG to Lane, 5-2-18, endorses federal aid for education of foreign born [context explained. 961]

Reel 235

257 SG to Hudson, 5-20-18, native born and naturalized citizens should be given preference in hiring.

Reel 237

SG to Baruch, 8-8-18, 656, American Alliance for Labor and Democracy Spanish/English newpaper in San Antonio [goes out to others]

Reel 239

SG to Evans, 12-30-18, 432, Mexicans will demand union wages when they are organized

210 SG to Larger, 1-4-23, re: attempts to break down immigration safeguards; how things work in Europe

Reel 257

296 SG to Golden, 9-4-20, re: Lawrence, IWW; why does the AFL ignore these workers?
[nb SG writes to Hughes, 299 and this contains more statements from his 8-30 letter which is excerpted here; more, 717]

Reel 261

913 SG to Salamon, 1-27-21, a little touchy on the immigrant question!

924, SG to Greenwood, 8-18-21, AFL favors health exams for immigrantss at point of immigration

Reel 263

97 SG to Hines, 3-4-21, on organized workers, immigration

861, SG to Hart, 3-23-21, Mexicans and packing house workers in Texas

Reel 267

262, SG to Valentine, 7-14-21, more on Hawaii and Chinese coolies

Reel 268

64 SG to Davis, 7-28-21, re:Mexican laborers (see 62 SG to Idar, 7-28-21, for context)

Reel 270

955 Gamble to SG, 9-27-21, Mexican painters discriminating against gringoes [sends it to Hedrick, 954 replies, 956

Reel 271

299 SG to Whittemore Corp. 10-12-21, coolies don’t use shoe polish

Reel 272

544 SG to Denure, 11-5-21, Americanization, underpaid teachers, failure of school administrators in Washington, D.C.

Reel 273

62 SG to Schooley, 11-22-21, more on coolies – he prefers Filipinos and Puerto Ricanss

86 SG to Mather, 11-22-21, typical immigration letter that incorporates the coolie issue

214 SG to Shelpp, 11-25-21, clear statement on Anti Asian (including Japanese) position,

Reel 274

389 SG to Wright, 12-20-21, one big union of Japanese and white on Hawaii? He links this to coolie issue. [There are lettters fromWright on reel 30, 2285; 2362, Roberts memo to SG re: OBU idea – lots on Hawaiian issue on this reel. Wright is identified reel 268, 122]

513 SG to Nelson, 12-23-21, a pretty frank expression of his views on immigration; notes efforts to cut off immigration entirely.

Reel 277

482 Berres to SG, 3-1-22, re: aliens, white men, and Panama Canal

507 SG to Davis, 3-4-22, Japanese RR mechanics causing dissension among whites and Mexicans.

Reel 278

49 SG to Colt, 3-16-22, re: immigration bill [goes to others too, 51-68]

Reel 279

645 SG to Davis, 4-26-22, Mexicans taking Maintenance of Way jobs in New Mexico [information comes from M.Ws Lynch, 642]

Reel 282

9 Idar to SG, 7-27-22, Idar is a special organizer and generally deals with Mexican and Pan American Labor Federation issues. Calles, RR strike, efforts to keep imported labor out[sent to RR Dept]

95 Yoshio Nishimura to SG, 7-22-22, re: Japanese RRworkers in Utah and shop crafts efforts to keep them out; notes that capitalists are more democratic when it comes to race. Says Japanese admitted to UMW in 1907 [checks with Green for advice, 94]

366 SG to Fink, 8-8-22, anti immigration despite the fact that he is an immigrant – go to Australia or South Africa he says.

501, SG to Ruiz, 8-8-22, re: thanks for urging Mexicans not to immigrate as strikebreakers. [also sent to Moreno][Spanish translation follows, 503]

926, Idar to SG, 8-19-22, Mexican labors help during strike

Reel 285

18 SG to Snyder, 10-30-22, immigration

351 Idar to SG, 11-5-22, IATSE local kicking out Mexican-Americans [350 sends it on; more, 352; 517, IATSE to investigate]

Reel 286

899 SG to Canafax, 12-23-22, KKK, AFL and foreign born.

Reel 287

263 SG to Canafax, 1-5-23, re: Mr. Minor, a KKK member, and his views of “foreign” strike agitators

350 SG to Caldwell, 1–8-23, his view of Russian Aid Society for unemployed Russian immigrants; SG thinks they should take their chances with others here for general, not special relief.

478 SG to Perkins, 1-12-23, re: unrestricted immigration; notes that if common labor were wiped out machines would be invented and machine tenders would get same wage as skilled mechanics

606 SG to Short, 1-16-23, re: attacks on immigration laws from steel, meat packing industries, etc. Wants Filene to send a letter [see also, 52 SG to Tigh, 1-3-23, House committee on immigration hearing on amending immigration laws to permit influx of workers; Steel interests are active; more, 207]

Reel 288

207 SG to Byrnes, 2-1-23, more on immigration legislation

484 Polladino to SG, 2-7-23, laundry workers have signed an agreement with Chinese laundry and this laundry owner is opposed; passes it on, 483; more 947; SG reply, 951]

171 SG to Greer. 1-30-23, more on congressional efforts to open immigration

622 SG to Johnson, 2-15-23, more on immigration bill

951 SG to Palladino [not Polladino as previously] 2-27-23, Laundry Workers don’t discriminate against any but Chinese

Reel 290

456 SG to SOL Davis, 4-30-23, re: Mexican immigrants and Bethlehem Steel [Thackery’s letter follows]

903 SG to Idar, 5-17-23, organizing Mexican RR workers [more, 312]

Reel 291

333 SG to Sullivan, 6-4-23, since “chinaman” in question is U.S. born citizen, he is eligible for union membership.

446 SG to Gerber, 5-21-23, re: immigration

500 SG to Editor, Erie Pa – First page illegible; apparently deals with his being an immigrant and his war record

Reel 292

546 SG to Duffy, 7-28-23, immigration and Americanization

942 SG to Hutcheson, 8-11-23, furniture manufacturers claim a shortage of skilled cabinet makers to get around immigration laws [more, Reel 293, 156;

Reel 293

178 O’Connell to SG, nd, ca 8-17-23, the other side of immigration restriction – UGW worker cannot get his family in and needs help

241 Gurghian to SG, 8-15-23, plight of Armenian immigrants – and the other side of immigration restriction.

942 SG to Oppendahl, 9-18-23, good statement on immigration laws and corporate “jokers.” Wants quota based on 1890 not 1910 census since “this would permit desirable immigration from Northern and Western Europe.” [Sent to many others]

Reel 294

824 SG to Davis, 11-7-23, U.S. is admitting immigrants over the quota[letters referred to follow; reply, Reel 295, 463]

Reel 295

294 Minutes of Legislative Meeting – opposition to registering aliens even if (theoretically) it makes it easier to deport them, beginning on page that follows 294 (and precedes 295). They say it will help open shoppers intimidate alien workers.

461 SG to Herman, 11-21-23, another anti immigration letter

Reel 296

497 SG to Secretary of Labor Davis, 12-19-23, more on immigration, notes editorial in Jan American Federationist re: enrollment of aliens

509 SG to Sen. Harrison, 12-20-23, immigration; alien registration issue. Says it’s “essentially Prussian”“Registration . . .would mean that we were to presume them potentially evil-doers and lawbreakers.”

Reel 297

133 SG to Hooker, 2-18-24, more on immigration restriction, specifically the Johnson bill and whether it is better to have families here or immigrant breadwinner sending money home. On the great “mongrel” nations like Babylon, Assyria, Greece and Rome “It is true they were great at one time, but where are they now? They are where the U.S. would be if we continue to permit excessive immigration.”

359 SG to Grace, 3-6-24, more on Johnson immigration bill and race issue.

887 SG to JLL, 3-27-24, re: Mexican and Canadian immigrants [quotas do not apply to them; very hard to read]

Reel 298

53 SG to Baroff, 3-31-24, re: immigration; cannot accept penalizing of any race or nation; more on Jews here than usual

Reel 299

728 Moore to SG, 8-19-24, notes that thanks to new immigration law he can’t easily go from Canada to Carpenters’ convention [more, Reel 300, 96]

Reel 300

594 SG to Renkel, 10-16-24, Japanese are different, not inferior.

699 SG to Macrum, 10-29-24, AFL lobbied for Bureau of Immigration funds to strengthen patrols along Mexican border

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