1. Charles H. Lewis served as recording secretary of the Detroit Federation of Labor (FOL) from at least 1915 until 1918.

2. The Detroit Council of Trades and Labor Unions, founded in 1880 and chartered by the AFL in 1894, changed its name to the Detroit Federation of Labor in February 1906 and was rechartered by the AFL under that name the following month.

3. Lewis to SG, May 11, 1917, Files of the Office of the President, General Correspondence, reel 83, frame 833, AFL Records. Lewis enclosed a resolution adopted May 9 by the Detroit FOL urging the AFL to take steps to prevent an increase in the employment of women during the war and to insure that women already working received the same wages as men for the same work (ibid., frames 835-36).

4. At its first meeting, held on May 24, 1917, the subcommittee on Women in Industry of the Committee on Labor of the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense adopted resolutions calling for the maintenance of existing labor standards, opposing any increase in the employment of married women with young children, and calling the attention of working women to the dangers of undercutting existing wage standards or displacing other workers.

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