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Document 1: Labor's Bill of Grievances, March 21, 1906

Document 2: Circular, "A. F. of L. Campaign Programme," July 22, 1906

Document 3: SG to William Jennings Bryan (Democratic candidate for president), June 27, 1908

Document 4: A political cartoon from the 1908 campaign (State Historical Society of Wisconsin).

Document 5 : SG's views of Eugene Debs's 1908 campaign for president

Document 6 :SG to Elijah Caton, Sept. 18, 1912, re: Senator Borah's labor record

Document 7 : Excerpts from SG's testimony before the Select Committee on Lobby Investigation of the U.S.House of Representatives re: The AFL's Political Campaigns

See also selected Gompers' quotations on government and politics

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