I know there are a great many cases of actual suffering in a large city like this, and in all large cities. It is a very difficult thing to say exactly how you are to ameliorate everybody’s condition. I have noticed, though, that generally if men are temperate and industrious they are pretty sure of success. In cases [where men have trouble finding steady work] I could almost always go back behind the scenes and find a cause for such a person’s “misfortunes.”

Q. There has been testimony before us that the feeling generally between employers and employees throughout the country is one of hostility, especially on the part of employees toward those whom they designate as monopolists. From your observation, what do you think is really the feeling as a general rule between those two classes?

A. I think that if left alone they would mutually regulate their relations. I think there is no disagreement between the great mass of the employees and their employers. These societies that are gotten up magnify these things and create evils which do not exist– create trouble which ought not to exist.